May 16: Buon giorno & Welcome to WINE & Shrine


We are so excited to have you joining us on this first ever WINE Women’s Pilgrimage to Italy! We have a wonderful group of 29 women, from all over the country, journeying together this June. As we get closer to our departure date, Teresa Tomeo and I will be sending you emails with some good spiritual and practical tips to help you prepare for your journey. Consider this your first official email!

How blessed to have this groundbreaking pilgrimage during the Year of Mercy!

It is our hope and prayer that not only will we experience the tremendous graces that come with making a pilgrimage to Rome during a Jubilee Year, but that each of us will tap into one of the greatest gifts of God’s great mercy like never before—the Communion of Saints, specifically our saintly sisters.

Think about it! God loves us so much and desires so deeply to be in communion with us, that in His mercy He provides ample ways for us to know and love Him, to be in communion with Him. He has given us the Eucharist, the sacraments, the Church, Scripture, Sacred tradition, Apostolic Succession, prayer, relationships with one another, and relationships with the saints! God has given us these beautiful women, who are in His presence, to listen, to love, and to intercede for us! Now, that’s mercy!

Spiritual Tip: We want to encourage you to get to know our sisters the saints a little bit before we go. Read about them, watch a video about them, talk to them. Begin talking to our heavenly sisters today. Ask them to help set the stage for a fruitful pilgrimage, and see if there is one who is truly speaking to your heart. I have a feeling that each of us is going to find a new and powerful friendship with one of our saintly sisters.

The saints we will be visiting are:

  • St. Scholastica
  • St. Clare
  • St. Catherine of Siena
  • St. Rita of Casia
  • St. Theresa Fasce
  • St. Cecelia
  • St. Helena
  • St. Priscilla
  • St. Agnes
Let us join together in praying for our pilgrimage and for all of us women who will be journeying together. May Our Lady watch over and protect us as we prepare to grow ever closer to her Son and may she guide us as we walk with our sisters the saints!


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