St. Clare

May 20: Benedizioni! (Blessings!)

Click on picture above to watch video on St. Clare

Click on picture above to watch video on St. Clare

At 18, she escaped one night from her father’s home, was met on the road by friars carrying torches, and in the poor little chapel called the Portiuncula received a rough woolen habit, exchanged her jeweled belt for a common rope with knots in it, and sacrificed the long beautiful hair to rugged scissors. She was placed in a Benedictine convent, which her father and uncles immediately stormed in rage. She clung to the altar of the church, threw aside her veil to show her cropped hair and remained adamant. Thus began the religious life for St. Clare.

PRACTICAL TIP: It's always good to learn a few words in Italian. So below are some key phrases/words. And if you really want to fit in and look like you belong, you may want to learn how to talk with your hands— Italians are quite famous for being effusive talkers that use hand gestures to underline most statements. It appears to be something engrained in them at birth. In fact, click on the image below to see some rare footage of our very own Teresa Tomeo (when she was a child) having a chat with her nonna (grandma).

Ok, maybe it's not really Teresa... but it certainly represents her well!

Today, pray to St. Clare. Ask her to open your heart to all the graces God has planned to shower you with at the Basilica of St. Clare.

Looking forward to journeying with you!

Kelly & Teresa

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