Created to Relate

Good Reads for a Great Pilgrimage

The beauty of the WINE & Shrine Pilgrimage is that it is uniquely built on relationships—our relationship with one another, our relationship with the greater Catholic Church, and our relationship with our sisters in heaven. Why are we focusing on these relationships? Because all of them draw us deeper into the most perfect of all relationships—the relationship between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—the relationship of the Most Holy Trinity.

As you prepare to enter into all these relationships, whether you are packing your bags for the journey or setting "Journey With Us" as a favorite page, there are four books you'll FOR SURE want to have on hand. One is the Bible, and the other three are books written by our hostesses. (And, no, they didn't plan that their works would fit perfectly with this pilgrimage when they each sat down to write their book, but it appears the Holy Spirit had a plan!)

First, the Bible speaks directly to our relationship with God. It is God communicating directly with us. (So be SURE to pack your bible!) The other three books (by our hostesses) speak to each of the three aspects of relationship that are the focus of this WINE & Shrine Women's Pilgrimage.

Created to Relate, by Kelly Wahlquist, focuses on building relationships with our sisters in Christ.

A Holy Year in Rome, by Joan Lewis, focuses on growing in relationship with our Catholic Church.

Girlfriends and Other Saints, by Teresa Tomeo, focuses on living in relationship with our sister the saints.

All three books can be purchased at St. George's Books & Gifts. If you buy all three together, you get a great deal... and St. George's is a wonderful promoter of and tither to WINE. So, if you are looking to buy any of these books, look to them.

If you are traveling with us, you'll also want to pack a June Magnificat. (This can also be purchased through St. George's.)

Looking forward to journeying with you!

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