The Pilgrimage Continues: In the paper, in the book & in the Big Easy

It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since we set off on a pilgrimage to walk with our sisters—the saints and the saints in the making! There are so many moments throughout my day that conjure memories that instantly bring me back to Italy and our WINE & Shrine Pilgrimage. (Skyping a daughter in Italy is one!)

For some reason, I can't stop talking about our pilgrimage! Well, actually, there is one reason I continue to share our experience; wherever I go, someone always asked me about it! That question is always followed by, "When is the next one?" (The answer is November 2017... details to follow.) This week, I have been bombarded with that question, and with good reason. A wonderful article came out in the Catholic Spirit. Be sure to check it out! The article (For pilgrims, Italy’s female saints show faith’s history, beauty and depth) features Mary and Maddie Fox and has a lot of people talk'n WINE & Shrine! Well done Mary & Maddie!

I've also been blessed to be in contact with many of the pilgrims, those in Minnesota and those around the country. I was thrilled to have Julie come visit me while I was giving a retreat in Columbus, Ohio, last weekend, and I was excited to learn that she will be at the New Orlean's WINE: Catholic Women's Conference on October 15! In fact, there will be a "bunch" of us there, so I want to invite you to join us. We have a great deal on hotel rooms, and it would be fun to have a mini WINE & Shrine Reunion in the Big Easy! Check out the link, and register today: New Orleans WINE: Catholic Women's Conference.

EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: Our book, Walk in Her Sandals, is available for pre-order. There is a Special Pre-order Price for friends of WINE! Simply go to and use the code SANDALS. If you're in New Orleans in October, you'll probably see about 7 of the 10 authors!

Hope to see you all in New Orleans! Miss you all and keeping you in prayer!




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