Blessings in Disguise

As we journey together on our pilgrimage in the footsteps of some of Italy's most beloved saints, we are going to see blessings all around us! But as this is a pilgrimage, it is important to prepare our hearts to be open to all God's blessings—those that we see clearly and those that may be disguised.

In the June 2016 edition of "The Word Among Us," Teresa Tomeo shares how the saints have taught her how to view suffering. This is a beautifully written and powerful post that will help us prepare our hearts for the blessings God has in store for us on our pilgrimage in Rome as well as on our pilgrimage here on earth.

Blessings in Disguise:
The saints have taught me how to view suffering.


“All sunshine makes a desert.” It was an old Arab proverb, according to the instructor of a Bible study I attended shortly after returning to the Catholic Church more than twenty years ago. I remember being struck by her words as she proceeded to discuss the topic of suffering. I could definitely identify with the proverb’s meaning.

We don’t really learn or grow if we don’t experience some sort of discomfort. And yet, when we are in the midst of the pruning, the stretching, and the dying to self, most of us—and I put myself on the top of the list—whine and complain, asking God to relieve us of the very thing that he just might use to perform a miracle in our lives. Those not-so-fun periods are made so much more worthwhile when we look to the saints for examples and for a helping hand. (Continue reading on The Word Among Us)

When I read Teresa's post on blessings in disguise, I couldn't help but hear one of my favorite songs playing in my mind. The song not only fits well with Teresa's article, but it is a good way to prepare your heart to be open to all that God has to offer you. I encourage you to find a quiet place and to listen to this song. It truly is a beautiful. Simply click on the video below.

Blessings by Laura Story

Blessings by Laura Story

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