Sharing Our Journey

Last year I was blessed to spend a week in Rome with "the middle child" and it was awesome! After our time in Rome (where we had a fabulous dinner with Joan Lewis), we met up with my oldest daughter who was traveling Europe; she was on a mission to visit 15 countries and 22 cities in 60 days—and she succeeded. You can imagine that back home dad, brother, grandparents, family and friends were eager to follow her travels (and be assured of her safety.)

Luckily, modern technology kept us all connected via Instagram, FaceBook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc... (Yes, I was with teenagers so Snap stories were a common occurrence!) If you don't know what a Snap story is, don't worry, because we are going to keep you connected to your family right here— on

Before you leave, tell you family and friends to visit and to set it as one of their "favorites". When they go to the site, they will see a blue button that says "Journey With Us." They can simply click on that button and they will be on our Pilgrimage blog, the page you are on right now. From here they will be able to see pictures of our travels and get daily updates on our journey—they will be able to journey with us, virtually! They will also be able to leave a comment below. We'll read off these comments on the bus, just in case some of you are traveling without a laptop.

Looking forward to journeying with you.... and will see you here in the mean time.



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